Excel Grant Thank You Letter from Mimi Krsak

Our Excel Grant program was created to support classroom innovation in our district, and to provide teachers resources they need to help our students be successful. Every year the Grant Review Committee (composed of Foundation Trustees) has a very difficult time selecting grants to fund with so many original and worthwhile projects!

This past November, the Foundation awarded $31,608 in Excel/MAD grants for 54 grants at 30 different schools. We received a number of thank you letters from teachers telling us how wonderful they think the Excel Grant program is and how much they appreciate the money and they all are lovely to read … but I would like to share the following one with everyone:

Dear Friends,

Mimi Krsak (left)

Mimi Krsak (left) with Nanci Tangeman, a graduate of Mt. Rainier High School and Chris Blumenthal

I cry when I write my begging letter each fall, and when I say thank you for your faithful generosity to my students. Camp was one of the most important parts of my life as a child, teen and young adult. I am so grateful that you allow my students to have this wonderful experience.My sixth graders went to Waskowitz with Mrs. Fiorito’s class. I went to visit on Wednesday, their last night. It was beautiful to see them returning to camp after their long hike, playing on the field, cleaning the tables after dinner and participating in skits. These are simple things, but they have a huge impact on children.This year I have a wonderful student teacher. I was able to leave my fifth and sixth graders with him when the 4th graders went for their Washington Heritage Day. It was my first time to participate in this program. On the bus ride home, I was thinking of what an amazing day it had been, and how much learning the children experienced in a few short hours.

I am deeply, deeply grateful to you for supporting my students and allowing them to experience the simple joys of learning outside, eating family style and singing around a campfire under a canopy of starts. May the good you do to others come back to you a hundredfold. You are leaving a wonderful heritage for the next generation.


Mimi Krsak
Seahurst Elementary School

Thank YOU Mimi, for sharing your story with us and reminding us why we’re here and why we do what we do!

Over time I will share other letters and photos we receive from other recipients. I would really like to share more stories FROM teachers, so if you would like to share a story on our blog, please contact the foundation office at 206-248-5196 or email me at [email protected].

You can find pictures from the 2011 Prize Patrol on Facebook and  more information about Excel Grants, including a list of the 2011 winners, on our website.

Have a good day!

Since 1999, the Highline Schools Foundation has been supporting innovation and excellence in Highline Public Schools. Our funding priorities focus on programs to improve academic achievement, supporting college and career readiness, grants to teachers for engaging classroom projects, the arts, athletics, and programs that keep students in school and productive. Highline is a district full of need and opportunity. The Highline Schools Foundation is the only non-profit organization dedicated to all schools in our district—our goal is to help as many students as possible be successful!

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