Field Trip to Puget Sound Skills Center

Melinda Nixon, a 6th grade teacher at Bow Lake Elementary, recently took her students on a field trip to Puget Sound Skills Center. The goal was to open the eyes of the students to all the possibilities that the future holds and provide them the opportunity to begin thinking about a career pathy and to physically see their options.

Here’s some of their stories:

A 6th grade boy who has a hard time concentrating and staying motivated at school suddenly found interest. This boy is particularly hands-on. He loves to build motor cards, take electronics apart and be outdoors all the time. After visiting the auto-body class at PSSC, he learned he could work on cars and the computer system inside them. He was thrilled. He asked tons of questions, talked with his parents  about the program and even smiled a little!

Another 6th grade boy from Bow Lake is into gaming. Every moment that he is not at school, he spends on the computer or on a gaming system. Needless to say, he loves video games, computer games and technology in general. When he walked in to the digital arts classroom at PSSC, he fit right in. Developing and testing new games for phones, computer and systems is something he has been talking about since we left. I look forward to hearing about his future.

A shy bi-lingual student found her niche as son as we walked into the interpreting class at PSSC. We listened to the instructor explain how interpreters have an extremely challenging and important career. People that begin life speaking more than one language should feel proud of this accomplishment and could use it to build a career. The instructor hooked this student when she said you can make money by speaking your second language!

According to Melinda,  “Students walked away from the day feeling inspired and excited about their potential and are talking about the different possibilities that are open to them.” Good Job Melinda!

From the Puget Sound Skills Center: PSSC draws students from Federal Way, Tahoma, and Tukwila school districts, as well as Highline. It offers college preparatory and career education in 18 fields from instructors who all have real-world experience in the fields they are teaching. The equipment available in each program is state-of-the-art, and each program has an advisory board made up of industry leaders to ensure programs stay on the cutting edge. PSSC has a diverse array of programs, from criminal justice to engineering design to environmental and marine science to business management.

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