Instrument Acquisition

Scott Schneider, Music Teacher at Hazel Valley Elementary, was hoping to purchase two alto Xylophones (AX-GBF) for his music classroom when he submitted his Excel grant request to the Highline Schools Foundation last fall. Luckily for Scott, the Excel grant selection committee did select his as a grant to fund and he was able to purchase new instruments.

alto Xylophones (AX-GBF)

alto Xylophones (AX-GBF)

As my instruments, old when I first got them ten years ago, age, it is really great to have kind and caring people to help replace them. Because of this grant, I am now able to  maintain the quality of music instruction (vocal and instrumental) that the Hazel Valley community has come to expect from its music teacher.

The instruments you helped me purchase are perfectly tuned and specifically designed to last until the children of the children who are playing them now come to our school for excellent music instruction.

Sharing instruments in a class of thirty or more students was becoming a time-consuming ordeal when we worked on instrumental accompaniment parts or harmonization practice. However, with the acquisition of these new instruments, there are only two students per instrument and students receive better music instruction as I have more time per student to work with them on accompaniment or harmonization.

Hazel Valley Elementary school held their annual music concert at the Highline Performing Arts Center earlier this month. If Mr. Schneider sends us stories or photos from that event, we will post them here.

Do you have an instrument taking up space and collecting dust in your closet? Interested in donating it to a Highline student? Music4Life™ is an initiative to expand music education for all children in Highline Public Schools. Their mission is to put musical instruments in good playing condition into the hands of children and youth wishing to use them now. You can find out more, including drop off locations, on the Music4Life™ website.

Since 1999, the Highline Schools Foundation has been supporting innovation and excellence in Highline Public Schools. Our funding priorities focus on programs to improve academic achievement, supporting college and career readiness, grants to teachers for engaging classroom projects, the arts, athletics, and programs that keep students in school and productive. Highline is a district full of need and opportunity. The Highline Schools Foundation is the only non-profit organization dedicated to all schools in our district—our goal is to help as many students as possible be successful!

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