Giving Back

Michelle Mahurin, a teacher at Mount Rainier High School, submitted a most unique excel grant request last fall. She called it “Giving Back” – “We are interested in getting our Emotional Behavior Center students involved in the community. They utilize a local clothing bank, so we thought it would be a good idea to have them volunteer there, to both do laundry for the bank and help organize the clothes.”

With the money Michelle received through the grant, her students learned how to

Giving Back: Mount Rainier High School students doing laundry for Salmon Creek Clothing Bank

We accomplished what we set out to do. We washed over 60 loads of laundry, dried and folded them.

  • take the metro across town
  • use the laundromat facilities
  • request donations (hangers) from school
  • organize clothing and supplies at the Salmon Creek Clothing Bank

According to Michelle, “Our students use the Salmon River Clothing Bank on many occasions.  For example when they have job interviews and appropriate clothing is an issue.  Students wanted an opportunity to give back.  One student in particular was moved by the fact that there were so many baby clothes donated.  It bothered her that children would also need basic necessities such as clothing, specifically warm coats.”

This will be an on going project for the class.

Do YOU have a great idea to help out the kids in our district, but just need a little money to get it started? The next Excel/MAD grant application process will open in the Fall. An online application will be available on our website. Until then, you can find pictures from the 2011 Prize Patrol on our Facebook page and  more information about Excel Grants, including a list of the 2011 winners, on our website.

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