Let Your Mind Run Wild!

Last fall, Nanci Leonard from Highline High School submitted an Excel Grant requesting … are you sitting down?


Yes! you read that right, duct tape. Why? School Spirit of course!!! duct tape accessories

We’ll let her explain in her own words: “It is my pleasure to be with my Advisory students all four years of high school. Some of my students are not yet entering into the purple and gold spirit of HHS. Being fully engaged in high school activities helps students be fully engaged academically. Fridays are purple and gold days, so I would like for my Advisory to create some exciting accessories that they can proudly wear to support school spirit.

I am requesting rolls of purple/gold duct tape along with scissors so that we can create bracelets, earrings and pins; decorate belts and cellphones; embellish jeans, t-shirts and backpacks … the duct tape options found on-line are limitless. Students will collaborate to create and model school spirit.”


We just got an update from Nanci, and she tells us her students had a wonderful time letting their minds run wild and they learned a bit about team building and cooperation along the way. Great idea Nanci!

duct tape purse

“My purpose was to have an activity which would allow my sophomore advisory to work collaboratively to create school-spirited creations. That goal was certainly met; the students worked together to design some very original purple and gold products. The students built on each other’s ideas. Someone would have an idea and then another student would make suggestions to make the design even better. There was a great deal of positive teamwork.

Here is a picture of one of my students covering a purse with purple and gold duct tape. She didn’t know how to cover the handles, so someone brought in yarn to braid around the handles. Then the yarn was used to teach her how to knit. She was thrilled to learn a new skill.”

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