The Marvelous Mummy Museum!

Carlyn Roedell at teacher at Bow Lake Elementary School asked for a grant to help her families pay for a field trip. “if we could receive grant funding of $4.33 per child that would help to make ticket costs more affordable for our students and their families.” – well, thanks to the grant the students attended the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center and they loved it! – But that’s not all! Ms. Roedell didn’t just shuttle her kids to and from the Science Center and say “thanks for coming” … no … far from it … here is the rest of the story:

The Marvelous Mummy Museum“We had done some studying of Ancient Egypt and King Tut before attending and afterwards the students really hit the books. In groups of four, they researched a particular facet of Ancient Egypt: Religion, Agriculture, Adornment, The Dead, Everyday Life and Government. Each group collaborated and created a tri-fold board and 3-D objects to display. This became our Marvelous Mummy Museum which the fourth and fifth graders toured one afternoon in December. The students stood by their board and objects and explained, dramatized and/or demonstrated their knowledge.

When the museum closed, the students made up test questions from their boards, I went through and selected one from each group and that became our final assessment. Most of the students received an A and had a fun learning experience, improved their cooperation skills and learned more about sharing their knowledge museum style!”

The Marvelous Mummy MuseumKnow your Ancient Egypt/King Tut facts? Take the test yourself and see if you’re as smart as a our 6th graders!

  • Who was King Tut and why was he so famous?
  • Draw the diagram that shows the levels of Egyptian power and society.
  • Why did the seasons matter when boating on the Nile?
  • Name the steps to make a mummy.
  • Why did the Egyptians weigh the mummies heart?
  • Why did the Egyptians wear light thin clothing?
  • What was the purpose of the Shaduf?

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