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Kim Meschter is a Teacher Librarian at Chinook Middle School. Did you know that the library budget for the 2012-2013 school year was $1.25 per student – not a lot of money, so Kim requested a grant through the Foundation for money to purchase books.

Kim believes that “in order for students to be successful in reading, they need to be engaged in what they are reading. For young adults, timeliness of the literature is essential in engaging them in reading. This grant would purchase multiple copies of highly engaging literature so that students could read and be engaged in class. These books span genres and reading levels but are challenging and would help students achieve reading proficiency. I am requesting a grant to purchase these materials so that we can engage our middle school students in learning.”

Kim was awarded $500 last fall for her project. With this grant, she was able to purchase 4 copies of 8 high-interest titles. She chose the books after visiting each classroom and highlighting the books that were constantly checked out since they arrived in January.

According to Kim, she accomplished her goal of keeping students interested and engaged in reading. The grant made a big difference in the reading culture at Chinook. Students and teachers are avidly reading the books purchased with the money from the grant. “Because we were able to get multiple copies of the books, students don’t have to wait too long to read them, so the books come back to the library while students are still interested. We have students clambering over each other to read three titles in particular: Bruiser, Wonder and Thirteen Reasons Why.”*

Here’s what the students are reading and what they are saying about the books:

  • Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian

“I chose this book because people said it was a good book. What kept me interested was all the comic parts.” ~ Jordin D.

“I chose this book because Mrs. Victoria recommended it. What kept me interested in the book was the humor.” ~ Kaivin X.

  • Along For the Ride
  • Bruiser
  • Fresh & Blood So Cheap
  • Notorious Benedict Arnold
  • The Outsiders
  • Thirteen Reasons Why
  • Wonder

“I chose this book because it sounded interesting and because it was recommended by Mrs. M. What kept me interested was the characters and how the kid was deformed by the face and he didn’t want to go to school but then at the end he wasn’t scared to show his face when he was taking pictures. I belive the authors message is to not care what people think about you.” ~ Bryan F.

Thank you Ms. Meschter for finding a way to find a way to engage our students in books and for sharing your story with us.

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