Wildlife Discovery – Owl Pellets

Terre Salzer, a teacher at Hilltop Elementary School, submitted a very unique and uber-cool grant request last fall: In conjunction with the 6th grade trip to Camp Waskowitz, I would like to have the three sixth grade classes learn about the Barn Owl, its’ habitat and the food chain, by dissecting an owl pellet (the regurgitated material that owls don’t digest).

Terre is fortunate to have a salvage permit that allows her to collect birds and she has a stuffed Barn Owl that she uses to introduce the students to the owl and discover the specific adaptations that they have.

owl pellets

Owl Pellets

In her final report, Terre told us: “Dissecting the pellets takes the lesson one step further, allowing them to discover what the owl ate, by reconstructing the skeleton from fragments found in the pellet. From a previous grant, I have sustainable supplies, a DVD, and bone sorting charts that I will use again. 

The students love the process of dissecting the pellets to discover what the owl has eaten.I am excited to share my love of native NW wildlife with students. I believe that the more we know about the natural world around us, and the animals we share that space with, the more we tend to be better stewards of our “space”.

Not only do the students enjoy the process of discovery, as they dissect the pellets, it makes them aware of the food chain and how we are all connected. This unit is engaging and the amount of knowledge they gain is tremendous.”

… now that’s what we call HANDS ON Science!

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