Got PE? Need Equipment!

Kimmie Marton works at Mount Rainier High School with some pretty wonderful students – students who needed just a bit of specialized equipment to help during P.E.

In her Excel Grant request, she said, “When I took the job at MRHS I was thrilled to get one class of Adaptive P.E., serving students with disabilities. However when I arrived, there was literally no equipment for the class. This class, perhaps more than any other, requires specialized equipment because of the students that I am serving: one student is partially blind, one student is in a wheelchair and others have their own mobility issues. Because the general education classes use and need the gym and track also, space is limited and my 10-12 students are not always a priority. I have to create and make space where I can find it; sometimes conducting P.E. in the hallway between the gyms.”

What was her idea? Having an XBOX Kinect gaming system would allow all the students to participate at their physical ability, without the need for a controller. It would also provide activities for rainy days and shortened class periods. I have chosen a variety of games, from sports to dancing so all students will be engaged.

Got PE?  Need Equipment!In addition, I chose some balance equipment and other physical mobility type strengthening equipment for students to play on. My goal is for students with various disabilities to realize they “can” be active and help strengthen their bodies. The bean bags will be used toss into the Target Net while counting or spelling, and may also be utilized for other classroom activities.

It’s time my students had some equipment to work with during P.E.!! My special education students deserve to have equipment for P.E. just like the general education students. I am their biggest advocate/fan and I only want what is best for them.

Kimmie sent in her final report last week this is what she said in her email: “Thank you so much for the money to purchase the XBOX for our P.E. program!! We are still purchasing other items to use when the weather warms up (or stops raining). Thank you again and as you can see on the faces of my students, they totally love the XBOX  and the variety of games we purchased with the grant money!!”

What was accomplished with this grant money? The opportunity to have a P.E. class that actually has classroom supplies. I did accomplish what I set out to do and that was to be able to play various games with my students. Games ranging from basketball, Frisbee, baseball and the change to activities that we can not access due to transportation issues. These games would be on our new Xbox Kinect. Got PE?  Need Equipment!

This grant has made a difference in the variety of activities we can now do. Before the grant, all we were doing for P.E. was walking around the halls, the track or around the school. Now, we have the chance to participate in a variety of activities.

I have a student who has depth perception issues and one of his favorite activities is bowling. Once we purchased the Xbox and he started to play, he was smiling and laughing and stating that he likes bowling. Just to see the smile on his face and those on the others students was awesome.

We love to hear stories like this! Way to go Kimmie – you saw the need, you figured out a way to solve it and we are thrilled that the Foundation was able to provide the money to make it happen!

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