Listening Center

Grace Whitney a Kindergarten Teacher at Hilltop Elementary School submitted an excel grant application last fall because she wanted to create a “listening center” in her class.

“In my first kindergarten class, I have 25 students. Of which, 19 are English Language Learners. The listening center is a place for them to hear stories of different genres being read aloud while they follow along with the text. The listening center builds sight vocabulary and confidence in reading and speaking English.”

Listening Center

Listening Center
Hilltop Elementary

We received Grace’s final report today and here’s what she had to say … The purpose of the grant was to create a listening center for my students. Over half of my kindergarteners are English Language Learners so most students hear their native language at home and English when they are at school. I felt having a listening center in the classroom would allow students to hear more English as well as allow them to spend time with high interest texts. This goal was accomplished, 100%.

My students love to go to the listening center to see what the book is for the week, listen to the story while following along in the book and when they find the same book later on the classroom library they get extremely excited to look and read the book again.

Before I received the grant, the kids were using a tape player with borrowed tapes from the library. They would have to rewind the tape after every use to get it ready for the next group and when that didn’t happen the next group would have to wait for the tape to rewind before they got to start the story. This would leave them with very little time to listen to the story. Now, the students have a CD player that they know how to use independently andthey get to spend their whole time at the center listening to the words and following along in the text!

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