Interactive Engagement through Smoothboards

interactive white boardKaia Tomokiyo is a 1st grade teacher at Southern Heights Elementary School. Last fall, she requested a grant to purchase an interactive smoothboard. “We are writing this grant in hopes of receiving materials to create interactive whiteboards in our classrooms. This technology was tested by a teacher at our school and it was extremely successful. Students were able to use the interactive whiteboard during many activities throughout the day.”

According to Kaia, most interactive whiteboards are incredibly costly, but Smoothboard acts as an inexpensive, working alternative. The benefits of an interactive whiteboard are many, including:

  • increased student engagement
  • tactile learning
  • technology exposure
  • teacher task efficiency

The result? The setup worked well, with large-scale participation from our students in areas like the Math in Focus online manipulatives, ST Math, online behavior management, interactive reading and math games, etc. Instructionally, it truly simplified the task of involving and engaging students through technology in all subject areas; a true “kid magnet.”

interactive smoothboardThe Smoothboards have made a huge difference in the way we teach math lessons. We are able to integrate both Math in Focus online manipulatives and ST Math games into our curriculum and use them on a regular basis.

The students LOVE using the infrared pen and call it the “Magic Whiteboard”! They are extra excited when they know they will get to use the Magic Whiteboard 🙂 The Smoothboard has also allowed me to utilize my laptop more often. I can type passages to project and use the Smoothboard to highlight important parts or have students circle key words. The excitement I see in my students was well worth it!


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