More Learning, Less Buffering

More Learning, Less Buffering photoMcMicken Heights 1st grade teacher Jennifer Walsh wrote in her excel grant application “We have been using youtube videos to teach letter sounds and spellings and singing different counting songs from varying videos. Often students are disappointed when the video stops downloading or freezes.

This particular set of videos from Have Fun Teaching, engages students with fun beats, pictures and repretition making this an exciting opportunity for all students. I have seen much success for limited English speakers due to the words and sounds being repeated and pictures that go with the words. It is great for visual, linguisitc, musical and/or tactile learners.”

What was accomplished with this grant? According to Jennifer, student engagement increased and my students developed more vocabulary. It allowed students to learn using technology and allowed kinesthetic learners the opportunity to move to a fun up beat song as they learned sounds, words and letter writing. She was able to accomplish our goal and mostly everyone can read the words and identify the sounds.More Learning, Less Buffering photo

This grant has had a positive impact on our lives because we aren’t having to wait for YouTube to be ready. One of my quietest students began asking for our phonics videos and participating.

I gave some of the learners opportunities to dance and move while they sang. This has made a big difference with my students and increased their learning by appealing to so many different learning styles.

My limited English learners have pictures to look at and connect to when they hear new words. The second time we watch it some of them have great recall and can name the picture. The song repeats the words 3 times, allowing me to sound out the word with some of my lower readers. The sounds of the letters are repeated many times, too; giving students extra practice.

Watch sample videos on the “Have Fun Teaching” website.

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