Ancient Egypt Connections

Celeste Timulak, a 6th Grade Teacher at Parkside Elementary School wrote in her Excel Grant application: “Our sixth graders are studying Ancient Egypt. A field trip to see the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Pacific Science Center would be the perfect real-life connection for them. In art, we would also like students to create a sarcophagus where they would use their own faces as molds.”

Because of the Excel Grant, two sixth grade classrooms got to expand their knowledge of Ancient Egypt by going to the Pacific Science Center to view the King Tut Exhibit and watch an IMAX movie on Ancient Egypt. Students also made masks from plaster strips and paint, using their own faces as molds, to turn into faces of pharaohs like those seen on a sarcophagus.

Ancient Egypt Connections - MasksThe result? It was amazing! The kids connected what we learned in class and learned so much more. Several mentioned that they couldn’t believe how small the beds were, they loved the jewels, and were amused by the ancient toilet on display.

The masks were a huge success! The kids loved it and it brought my students closer as students had to be vulnerable by trusting others to put wet plaster on their face. They couldn’t wait until they could bring them home to show their families.

ancient egypt - masks of pharoahs

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