We’re a real band!

In the second installment of “One Teachers Story,” Scott Schneider talks about how YOU helped bring music to the wonderful students at Hazel Valley Elementary School …

Hazel Valley ElementaryBefore my Excel Grant, I was using instruments in my classroom that were older than I am. I found many of them under the stairs that lead up to the old Sunnydale Gymnasium, you know the one constructed entirely of wood! They looked like they had been left there in the 1950’s and forgotten about. I, with the help of the custodian, fixed them up and started using them with my classes.

Over the years, however, repairing them became more and more difficult, to the point where they could no longer be safely used by students. Once I received my grant and bought new instruments, ALL the kids noticed immediately! The comment I hold on to was when one fourth grader said, “Mr. Schneider, we can all play together now, like a real band!”

The instruments you helped me to purchase have already been through four concerts and countless classes helping me to teach music to the children entrusted into my care. Thank-you Highline School’s Foundation For Excellence, for helping me to bring music to the children of Hazel Valley Elementary!

Scott Schneider
Hazel Valley Music

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