To Prep or not to Prep that is the Question!

Conquering the SAT and/or ACT Test!

To Prep or not to Prep that is the Question! In her Excel Grant application, Jennifer Fichamba, a College & Career Specialist on the Evergreen Campus begins … “imagine learning that you need to take a test that would decide whether or not you were eligible to attend your dream college. Every year, I assist countless students to register for the SAT and/or ACT. Upon completion of the registration the main question they have, are there any prep classes available or any other sort of resources to help them do well on this major entrance test? Many of the prep classes offered are costly and are out of reach for students on the Evergreen Campus, which has a free and reduced lunch rate of 85%.”

The classes that are free not only are in high demand but have limited space. In the College and Career Center we do have prep books that students are able to borrow but not nearly enough to meet the demand. I believe this demand will be even greater as all juniors in our school district will be taking the SAT this spring. With this excel grant we will be able to purchase current edition SAT and ACT prep books.

With this grant I was able to purchase more than 50 SAT/ACT prep, Compass Prep and college books for students to borrow and use! It was great to have these resources available as the juniors prepared to take the SAT.

Teachers used the resources as well to help prep students for the test. One teacher in particular has spent a lot of time using the resources with his students. He has broken out the information into sections to make it more accessible to his students.

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