Guys Want to Read Thrillers!

It’s that time of year again when we start hearing from teachers about how they used the Excel Grants they received last fall. Over the next few months we will share the teachers stories and letters about how the grants they received through Highline Schools Foundation helped their students, their classrooms and their schools.

First up is “Guys want to read thrillers! Suspense! Adventure! that Guys like to do”

Imagine going to the library to find a book to check out but there aren’t any new stuff to spark an interest.  This is often the case with many of the boys in the intermediate grades at my school.  Guys want to read stuff that speaks to their need for thrilling adventures that leave them spellbound and at the edge of their seats.   Books that they can’t wait to read what happens next. ~ Karen Smith – Des Moines Elementary Teacher/Librarian

Here is Karen’s final report: Even with the development of the e-books and other various online reading-related materials, there is still a need for printed books. Elementary students have weekly scheduled class time where they visit the school library, which includes an opportunity to check out a book to read. However, it is often frustrating when there doesn’t seem to be any “new” books to spark an interest. Despite the repeated request from their classroom teachers and myself to “find something to read”, unless there are newer books to excite students, reading quickly becomes a “have-to” activity rather than a “want-to”.

Guys want to read thrillers!

Guys want to read thrillers! Suspense! Adventure! that Guys like to do

When I presented these books to 5th and 6th graders, I saw many of their faces light up and they were immediately interested in hearing more about them. I selected titles that I had hoped would excite them – especially the boys – thrilling stories of adventure and suspense. I “book-talked” several of them – providing just enough of a “hook” that readers will want to find out what happened next – they were very attentive, literally at the edge of their seats.

During checkout, some students had a hard time deciding which one to read first, which is actually a good problem to have! Yay!

The Des Moines Elementary School library budget is quite limited, given the small size of our school. Therefore, I am indebted to organizations like the Highline Schools Foundation for providing resources that would otherwise be difficult to obtain in a timely manner. Thank you so much for your generosity in providing these new, exciting books for my students. They are greatly appreciated!

We have many wonderful teachers in Highline and The Highline Schools Foundation is very proud to be able to help them out with grants for books. How can you help? You can make a donation – Attend an Event – Become a Sponsor – Donate an item or activity to our Oktoberfest Auction – Become a Trustee – Ask your employer of they offer Gift MatchingVolunteer – Find us on Facebook and talk about us!

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