Burien Brat Trot

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Burien Brat Trot collage 2016

Brat Trot Flag

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

The Burien Brat Trot 5K is a true community celebration that brings out the fun in all of us and it also raises critical funds for Highline Schools Foundation. Brat Trot is a flat and fast 5k and one-mile race throughout the streets of Burien followed by Bavarian Fest, the best street party around! We hope you will join us!


The Highline Schools Foundation was established in 1999 with the purpose of providing community resources to help Highline Public Schools succeed. We believe that by helping to enrich the classroom and school experience, we can engage students to reach a higher level of learning, and the entire community will benefit. The Foundation exists solely for the purpose of providing resources to the nearly 20,000 students in Highline Public Schools.

Sponsorships benefit every student, in every classroom, every day!

Click here to download the 2017 Brat Trot Sponsorship flyer or contact us for more information about sponsorship opportunities available for all Highline Schools Foundation events. Call or email Anne Baunach, HSF Executive Director [email protected] , 206-248-5196

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Corporate Team Challenge

Groups of 10 or more representing the same organization can register as Corporate teams and receive a discount. The team with the most registrants by the registration deadline wins a holiday party at the Tin Theater including a $500 credit for food and drink! Teams must have discount codes specific to their team to register.

Fastest Team Challenge

All teams registered will automatically be entered into this challenge! We’ll average every teams’ fastest 10 finish times (5k only). The team with the fastest average time wins bragging rights and a sweet trophy!

School Registration Contest

Burien Brat Trot School Registration DriveWhen you register for the Brat Trot, enter your school when asked “please select your school affiliation” and your registration will be counted in our school registration drive! The top 3 schools with the most registrants win money for their school or PTSA!

In order to help schools in our district with the resources they need — we’ve partnered some schools together so more schools benefit!  [MORE]

The Brat Tot Team Pub Crawl

2015 Brat Trot Pub CrawlJoin us on the Friday night before Brat Trot for the best pub crawl around!  Teams will earn points through challenges at each stop and be entered to win great prizes! [MORE]

Got Angel Wings?

Each year during our school competitions we encounter families with children who would love to run but cannot afford the registration fee or do not have adequate shoes to run in. Angel donations will be matched with kids in need living in our community. Donate online at www.burienbrattrot.com

Go to www.burienbrattrot.com to register and learn more about the race and to see this year’s sponsors.

Burien Brat Trot Volunteers 2016

Here’s just some of the wonderful group of Highline students who spent the morning with us setting up the Bavarian Village and then cheered on the runners as they crossed the finish line. A big THANK YOU to all the student volunteers!

2016 Highlights

  • 1,200 runners
  • Top Male Finisher: Kelly MacKay (17:08)
  • Top Female Finisher: Carmen Storer (19:55)
  • The Fastest Team and Team Registration contests were both won by Freedom Fitness this year!
  • The school registration drive contests were won by:
    • 1st Place, Seahurst Elementary
    • 2nd Place, Hazel Valley Elementary
    • 3rd Place, Marvista Elementary and Mount View Elementary
  • The winner of the Alaska Airlines raffle for two tickets anywhere Alaska Flies—
  • The winner of the “Beat Bret” raffle drawing – Michael Higgins (25:06)
  • The winning team in the Brat Trot Team Pub Crawl raffle – team “Wiener Takes It All
  • The winner of #thewanderingbrat contest – Christina Ladan

2016 Race Results on Rogue

In the News 2016:


2015 Highlights


  • Male Overall 5k-Paul Yung
  • Female Overall 5k- Carmen Storer
  • Male Overall 1 mile – Brennan O’Tool
  • Female Overall 1 mile – Renee Jensen

2015 Race Results on Rogue


  • Team Registration Contest- Freedom Fitness
  • Fastest Team Contest – CrossFit Burien
  • The Wandering Brat Instagram Contest – Jamie  T.
  • Alaska Airlines Raffle Winner – Melanie Jackson
  • Pub Crawl Raffle Winner – Team Simons

2015 School Registration Contest Winners

  • 1st place – Seahurst Elementary  ~ $1,000
  • 2nd place – Marvista Elementary ~ $750
  • 3rd place – St. Francis of Assisi ~ $500

Congratulations to our “partner schools” too!

  • Since Marvista wins, so does Highline High School ~ $1,000
  • Since St. Francis wins, so does Shorewood Elementary ~ $500

Coverage of the 2015 Burien Brat Trot can be found on the B-town Blog

2014 Highlights

2014 Brat Trot

2014 Burien Brat Trot

2014 Burien Brat Trot was a great success thanks entirely to a large community effort! It is very motivating and encouraging to see so many sponsors and individuals step up to support the event — from businesses rallying teams, to major corporate sponsorships, to school groups volunteering — this event is the best example of a community-wide effort. Click on the links below to see some great pictures from the day …


  • 5K Overall Female Winner: Erika Whinihan, 19:54
  • 5K Overall Male Winner: Mason Gionet, 18:27
  • 1-Mile overall Female winner: Yahaira Guevara-Sanchez4:05
  • 1-Mile overall Male winner: Jared Guevara, 4:13
  • Fastest Team: CrossFit Burien
  • Team Registration Contest Winner: CrossFit Burien
  • Pub Crawl Raffle Winner: The Quackintors
  • Alaska Airlines Raffle Winner: Melanie Jackson
  • Best 12th Man Contest Winner: Susan Williams
Male Participants Female Participants
1 Mason Gionet 18:27 1 Erika Whinihan 19:54
2 Brian Sepal 18:33 2 Carmen Storer 21:38
3 Steven Colmus 18:46 3 Maryann Orwiler 22:16
4 Mike Fosberg 18:59 4 Taylor Johnsen 22:48
5 Greg Hoglund 19:44 5 Denise Sagmoen 22:49
Male Participants Female Participants
1 Jared Guevara 4:13 1 Yahaira Guevara-Sanchez 4:05
2 Daniel Garcia 4:21 2 Jessica Eaton 7:52
3 Wayne Newton 5:55 3 Rachael Elrod-Shields 7:56
4 Aidan Pinter 6:17 4 Terry Holtgraves 7:58
5 Sam Schoenfelder 6:50 5 Ashley Tamayo 8:14

More Race Results 2014 School Registration Contest Winners Announced

* 1st place – Marvista Elementary ~ $1,000 * 2nd place – Seahurst Elementary ~ $750 * 3rd place – St. Francis of Assisi ~ $500 Congratulations to our “partner schools” too! * Since Marvista wins, so does North Hill Elementary ~ $1,000 * and since St. Francis wins, so does Sylvester Middle School ~ $500


  • 5K Overall Female Winner: Haley Jacobson, 21:05
  • 5K Overall Male Winner: Mike Fosberg, 18:37
  • 1-Mile overall female winner (under age 10): Tori Paulson, 7:27
  • 1-Mile overall male winner (under age 10)–Samuel Sullivan, 7:47
  • Fastest Team: CrossFit Burien
  • Team Registration Contest Winner: Freedom Fitness
  • Pub Crawl Raffle Winner: The Juggernauts
  • Alaska Airlines Raffle Winner: Jackie McNiece
  • Best 12th Man Contest Winner: Dusty Dunkle

Photos from the Day

2013 Race Results

1. Haley Jacobson 21:05
2. Sandi Rowden 21:49
3. Jessica Howisey 22:16
4. Emily Mruk 22:51
5. Ann Knapp 23:07

1. Mike Fosberg 18:37
2. Brian Sepal 18:56
3. Matt Parker 19:12
4. Yusuf Ali-Halane 19:29
5. Joe Baisch 19:38

See more at: 2013 Race Results

Highlights from 2012 The 2012 Burien Brat Trot 5K raised over $61,000, with a record number of race registrations, community donations and sponsorships contributing to its success – nearly 2,000 runners, plus another 2,000 spectators for a wonderful event celebrating schools and community!

The top overall finisher in 2012 year was Tyler Eidsmore, 24, of Auburn, with a winning time of 16:38. Top female finisher was Kim Morgan, 31, with a time of 20:49.

The rest of the Top 10 finishers:
2. Sandi Rowden, 47, Burien
3. Haley Jacobson, 11
4. Ann Knapp, 43, Seattle
5. Heather Wilkinson, 39
6. Sarah Pham, 30, Seattle
7. Kimberly Shelton, 39, Federal Way
8. Denise Sagmoen, 41, Burien
9. Sophie Ricci, 13, Burien
10. Hidi Cramer, 38, Des Moines

2. Brandon Huntley, 17, Olympia
3. Samuel Gustafsson, 17, Seattle
4. Kaden Lusnik, 17
5. Matt Parker, 33, Burien
6. Joe Baisch, 29, Burien
7. Aiden Basco, 13, Seattle
8. Otto Vanderhoef, 13
9. Mike Fosberg, 48, Burien
10. Emil Gauvin, 15

2011 Race Results

  1. Angelo Baca, Seattle, 31 M 16:23.4
  2. Matt Parker*, Burien, 32 M 17:41.6
  3. Josh Nord, 16 M 17:45.8
  4. Jadon Nester, 14 M 18:08.2
  5. Sam Gustafsson, 16 M 18:09.8
  6. Joe Baisch, Burien 28 M 18:44.3
  7. Aiden Basco, Burien, 12 M 18:53.9
  8. Carl Rossi, Burien, 48 M 19:06.3
  9. Jason Cummings, 40 M 19:24.4
  10. Michael Davolt, Burien 27 M, 19:31.2

The top Female finisher was Tori Zellerhoff, 17, with a time of 19:46.7