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Now Is the Time

In this holiday season, let’s remember those kids in our community who do not have their basic needs met. Those who are hungry. Those who do not have adequate warm clothing. Those whose shoes are falling apart. You can help meet the basic needs of our students.

Recently, thanks to a generous donation from an individual in our community as well as Inspirus Credit Union, we were able to deliver shoes and coats to several elementary schools in Highline Public Schools. A staff member from Southern Heights Elementary School in Burien shared this update:

“The coats and shoes are so appreciated. We have had kids come to school with the soles of their shoe falling off and before we had donations like these, we would duct tape the sole back on the shoe. You should see the look on a kid’s face when they get a new pair of shoes AND get to keep them!

Yesterday at the crosswalk, one of our most respectful students was walking home without a coat in 30 degree weather. Our office manager brought her up to the office to pick out a new coat. Today, at recess she had that coat on and was telling the recess ladies all about her new coat. She said, “I love my new coat!” The staff member replied, “why?” The student exclaimed, ‘because it is a warm one!!!”

You Can Make a Difference

Highline Schools Foundation helps provide these basic needs for students.

  • Project N.O.W. (Nutrition on Weekends) provides students with a backpack of nutritious food to take home on the weekend so that they have food to eat
  • Kicks for Kids provides new shoes for students who don’t have adequate footwear
  • McKinney-Vento Program provides gift cards for groceries and clothing for students currently experiencing homelessness

Please Make Your Gift Today

  • $25 could provide two new pairs of shoes for students in need
  • $50 could provide a gift card for groceries for a student and their family currently experiencing homelessness
  • $100 could provide a backpack of food each weekend for a school year for a student who is experiencing food insecurity
Anne Baunach, Highline Schools Foundation Executive Director

Anne Baunach, Executive Director Highline Schools Foundation

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students!

Warmest holiday greetings –


Anne M. Baunach
Executive Director
Highline Schools Foundation

Corporate Donation Matching: Many company’s offer generous matching programs for employees to increase their positive community impact through charitable donations, volunteer hours or participation in fundraising walks. Please check with your human resources or personnel department to see if your company offers this program and for any forms you may need.

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