Sports Participation Scholarship Fund

Formerly Pay 4 Play

Did you know that there are many students in our district that want to play sports, but they can’t afford the participation fee? Even as little as $50 is too much for some students and it is hard for them to make sports a priority when their family has basic expenses for basic needs like food, gas and clothing to worry about.

All middle and high school students in our district have to pay to play sports. Many students cannot afford the participation fee, so Highline Schools Foundation helps these students. In 2011, we were able to fund EVERY MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT who needed help in this area. In 2012, high schoolers were added and since in 2014, we were able to help all middle and high students who needed assistance.

How can you help?

Donate today to help support our kids – keep them interested – keep them in shape – keep them in school!