Excel Grants FAQ

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Find us on Facebook for Excel Grant stories & photos https://www.facebook.com/HighlineSchoolsFoundation

Are there types of projects that are more likely to be funded?
No. Each year is different and unique. The Foundation is interested in supporting teachers in their efforts to provide engaging leaning opportunities outside of the standard curriculum – this might be bringing an author in to talk to students, planting trees, taking students to the University of Washington for the Engineering Discovery Days, visiting a college campus, or building Quadcopters – you are only limited by your own imagination!

Am I eligible to apply for your grant programs?
Any employee of Highline Public Schools is eligible to apply for a grant from the Foundation.

When should I send my grant application and what is the timeline?
Applications are accepted each year beginning in early September. The deadline is the first Thursday of November. The winning grants are announced in early December.

My grant project is going to involve some after-school planning time. In my grant budget can I include stipends for the teachers who will be helping?
No. Stipends, salaries, and grant administration fees are prohibited in the guidelines. Applications that include these expenses could still be considered, if there additional items included in the grant application, but stipends, salaries or fees will not be considered for funding

If I have received a grant from The Highline Schools Foundation in the past can I apply for another grant?
Yes. As long as you have submitted all of the required reports for your previous grant, you may apply for the Foundation’s grant programs as many times as you wish

How many grants does the Foundation award?
The number varies each year. The application process is highly competitive and like many other Foundations we receive more worthy applications than we can fund.

I received a grant, and now it’s April, and I haven’t spent the money yet. Can I keep the money for next year?
No. Grants are awarded based on a competitive process and the full grant amount is expected to be used during the school year the grant was awarded. Any portion of your grant not used during the school year is expected to be returned to The Highline Schools Foundation before the end of the school year.

Additional Information
Some things to remember to help you get your request funded:

  • Submit your application on time and online.
  • Give your idea full credit for the number of students impacted by your grant request and the longevity of your program or project. Note how your project may directly or indirectly affect other students in the school. For example, a science project may also impact literacy and arts, or health and enrichment, multiple schools or classrooms and grade levels.
  • Keep your audience in mind. Remember that grant reviewers are not educators so try to use laypersons’ language or explain “edu-speak”.
  • Communicate your enthusiasm for the idea! Get the review committee excited about your project. It is important to include as much detail as possible in your request and a well-defined budget is essential to the review committee.
  • Request only the appropriate amount of funding needed. Do not automatically request the maximum amount. Also, list any additional or alternate sources of funding that have been pursued.
  • Individual teachers may apply for multiple grants, but only one grant per project/program will be funded. (Each grant application needs to be submitted separately.)
  • The application should have the knowledge and support of the Principal of each school involved.

Please remember, when you are competing for a limited amount of funds, not only is it important that your grant request meet the criteria, but a thoughtful, complete and documented application could have a greater chance to be selected.

Common reasons that grants do not get funded:

  • Incomplete or late application
  • Lack of a definite project or detailed budget
  • Request for items covered by HPS budget
  • Final project report for previous grant not submitted

Non-fundable items:

  • Teacher salary or release time (subs)
  • Snacks or meals for field trips
  • Computer-related items not supported by HPS technical support

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