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Highline Public SchoolsIn support of the District’s Strategic Plan where every student in the class of 2026 will graduate tech-savvy and tech-literate, and in support of all academic goals, the Department of Technology Services (DoTS) offered teachers Technology Grants in 2016. The grants were open to all HPS staff for projects which advance student achievement through the use of technology.

For the 2016-17 school-year, technology grants will be available through the Excel Grant program. 

The winner the $5,000 Technology Grant award was Live From Hilltop!” submitted by Nicole Grambo, 5th Grade Dual Language Teacher/Hilltop Huskies Journalism Club Lead Teacher at Hilltop Elementary School:

“Our technology-based project for 2015-2016 is the expansion of the Hilltop Huskies Journalism Club that was established last school year. With new technology to support this club, we will bring more student voice into the school and provide a way for our journalists to inspire a new school spirit throughout the entire student population. We want all students to understand that they are a part of a bigger community outside of an individual classroom encourage increase parental involvement at Hilltop through student reporting on upcoming school events. Our journalists will develop crucial communication (both verbal and written), interpersonal, teamwork and time management skills that will broaden their horizons when thinking about future career paths.”

Additional Technology Grant Winners in 2015: Both Mount Rainier High School and CHOICE Academy will receive $2,500 for their projects – “CNC Router” submitted by Christopher Calvin, Teacher and “From Idea to Product: Enhancing Learning with 3D Printers” submitted by teacher George Wheeler. 10 other teachers received grant awards of $500 each for their technology needs.

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