Highline Music4LifeHighline Music4Life is a community activity aiming to acquire musical instruments and supplies for the school district’s young people from financially challenged families. Highline Schools Foundation joined the growing list of community organizations supporting the Highline Music4Life™ program in 2011. Click here to learn more.

Since 2002, Highline Schools Foundation has welcomed new teachers to Highline Public Schools with a “Welcome Wagon” style gift box filled with goodies provided by local businesses. Click here to learn more.

Project N.O.W. - Nutrition on WeekendsProject N.O.W. is a new program that supports Highline Public School students in need with a free backpack full of food to take home for the weekend—all school year. With Project N.O.W., a weekend’s supply of food is sent home with our most vulnerable students each Friday in a backpack. The empty backpack is returned on Monday, and the process repeats itself each week. Click here to learn more.

Project PROMise(tm) LogoProject PROMise is Highline School’s Foundation’s outreach program in which new and gently used formal dresses are collected from our community and given to local students in need so they can attend their prom in style! Highline Schools Foundation collects beautiful new and gently worn formal dresses and gowns, shoes, and accessories from throughout our community and invites high school students in need to “go shopping” for the perfect dress for their prom. Click here to learn more.