Excel and Impact Grants

HSF Board Trustees Marco Milanese, Chris Keaton and Cameron Johnson along with
Emeritus Trustee Elizabeth Leavitt and Executive Director Anne Baunach
present Excel Grant checks to Sylvester Middle School.

For 19 years, Highline Schools Foundation has awarded grants directly to pre-K through 12th grade educators (including teachers, counselors, librarians, and other staff) throughout all Highline Public Schools to support innovative teaching and learning. The Foundation acts as a bridge between need and opportunity in many ways – through college scholarships, college campus field trips, sports participation fees, band and orchestra instruments, and backpacks and school supplies; but one of the most impactful ways the Foundation supports students is with grants.

During November and December 2019, Highline Schools Foundation trustees were out throughout Highline Schools Foundation passing out Excel and Impact grants.

  • This year, we received 124 completed grant applications. All but 1 school put in applications this year. Every school that applied received at least one Excel grant.
    We received 112 Excel grant applications. The Excel grant proposals ranged from $160 – $2,500. We were able to fund 70 this year with the average proposal being funded at $1,367.
  • We received 12 Impact grant applications. We fully funded three and partially funded two for a total of $22,347.
  • The total awarded this year for Excel and Impact grants is $123,747.83. This is the largest amount funded in a single year EVER for Highline Schools Foundation.

The goal of the Excel Grant program is to fund innovative ideas and programs that school budgets can’t provide. The foundation strives to support activities and experiences that expand the learning process and actively engage students.

A synopsis of the Excel grants funded in 2019 can be found HERE.

A synopsis of the Impact grants funded in 2019 can be found HERE.

We will open the 2020 grant process in September 2020 with applications being due in mid-October.

Contact the Foundation office at info@highlineschoolsfoundation.org or (206) 631-3120 for more information.