Alaska Airlines Scholarship

AlaskaAirlines_Wordmark_Official_4cp_LgThe Alaska Airlines Scholarship is funded thanks to the generosity of Alaska Airlines, an important partner with Highline Schools Foundation. Started in 2014 as one (1) $5,000 scholarship awarded to one graduating student attending Highline Public Schools, Alaska Airlines increased the number of scholarships awarded in 2016 to four (4). The scholarship is based on financial need, academic merit, achievement, and the student’s future goals. Scholarships are awarded to the recipients during their first year of study at a 2 or 4-year institution.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Alaska Airlines Scholarrship Recipients

Aracely Casillas

Aracely Casillas from Tyee High School. Aracely plans to study Computer Science this fall at the University of Washington with a minor in Sociology and Diversity.

“The fighter spirit is within my Hispanic culture. With my college education I plan to take full advantage of it, continue learning, continue growing and most importantly set an example for those who don’t have one. I have worked hard to pursue a career in STEM and as part of the very few girls who want to go into the computer science field, I’m constantly reminded that I am different. By pursuing this difficult career and path I hope to be a role model for young women, for the latinx community, and for anyone who does not want to dream of the possibility of going to college because it is against all odds that they can do it. I want to be that minority about whom people say “I want to do what Aracely does, because she comes from where I come from and she
succeeded”. ~ Aracely

Joshua Sherbrooke

Joshua Sherbrooke from Raisbeck Aviation High School. Joshua will attend University of Washington in the fall having been offered direct admission to the Computer Science program.

“I am passionate not just for computer science, but for its applications to make technology come alive. The problems I aim to tackle—environmental sustainability, space exploration, and making this world a genuinely better place to live—are complex, and I don’t minimalize the degree of both innovation and cooperation that will be required to make significant progress. I aspire to make the world tangibly better with technology and supporting my aspirations to learn about the world, through a scholarship, will enable me not just to become an engineer, but to position myself in terms of the impact I can make.” ~ Joshua

Rachel Phuong

Rachel Phuong from Raisbeck Aviation High School. Rachel will be attending University of Washington in the fall where she plans to major in Computer Engineering.

“I want to take my passions of computer science and Japanese to achieve my goal of being able to utilize the language to connect with technology companies. I have found from my experiences that computer science is a broad field that affects the globe, and by using Japanese, I would like to network and collaborate with Japanese companies to bring people together and see our work affect the global community for not only those who can afford it, but everyone. I would like to be able to make technology more readily available for people who cannot afford the costs. My experience in computer science and engineering which I will gain through college will help me to achieve my goal.” ~ Rachel

Sofia Herrera

Sofia Herrera from Evergreen High School.  Sofia is headed to South Seattle College to complete her AA before transferring to the University of Washington in the fall of 2019. She plans to major in Civil Engineering.

“I would like to specialize in structural engineering. Living in a city like Seattle has opened my eyes to the beauty of large structures and buildings, and I would love to use math, science, and engineering skills to design buildings such as those. As a Hispanic woman, I believe that I would not only bring diversity to the field of engineering, but also a unique perspective to the projects as a minority female. During the summer of 2017 I was able to shadow a civil engineer and got a sense of what the career consists of and demands.” ~ Sofia

Thank you to Alaska Airlines for their generous partnership, which makes this scholarship award possible.