STIA Scholarship

Port of Seattle & HMS Host LogoStarted in 2002, The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (STIA) Scholarship is the Foundation’s longest running scholarship. This needs-based scholarship is funded through the annual Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Scholarship charity golf tournament (sponsored by volunteer employees of the Port of Seattle and HMS Host).

Three scholarships (two for $20,000 and one for $10,000) are awarded annually to three graduating seniors who attend a Highline Public School and will be pursuing a college education. Students who are motivated to pursue a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) education and career are encouraged to apply for a STIA scholarship.   All scholarships are distributed over a 2-year period.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

STIA Scholarship Recipients

Waltana Dawit

Waltana Dawit from Mount Rainier High School. Waltana is attending the University of Washington in the fall to study Microbiology.

“For a month, The Seattle Children’s Research Institute was my home. I, along with fourteen others, was partnered with scientists and lab technicians on various floors. I attended seminars and performed hands-on activities in order to understand the material being discussed. It was the first time I felt like I was doing real science.My experience at Seattle Children’s made the field of biology feel like a real possibility for my career. I want biology to be ingrained in my life’s work as a microbiology major and, hopefully, an immunologist.” ~ Waltana

Hamse Igge

Hamse Igge from Tyee High School. Hamse is attending Highline College this fall to study Biology – as he heads toward Dental School.

“When I was in middle school I found I was really enjoyed science. In high school, my teacher encouraged me to try the dental hygienist program and while it is hard, I find it’s amazing and fun training to be a dental assistant. My goal after I finish the Puget Sound Skills Center Dental Assistant Program this spring, is to attend Highline College for two years and then transfer to a four-year institution like the University of Washington. I want to pursue a career in dentistry under pre-health science with a minor in political science. ” ~ Hamse

Angel Morales

Angel Morales from Big Picture School. Angel will attend University of Washington, Tacoma in the fall. He plans to work towards a major in Electrical Engineering.

“My goal is to become a structural engineer after I get a bachelor degree for Civil Engineering. Through participating in ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) and Build your Future I have been able to learned about the academic side of construction and real world application. Through my current internship through ACE, I am not only get hands on experience as a structural engineer but have been able to meet with mentors in the structural engineering field. When I graduate from college and start my career in structural engineering, I will be able to give back to my family and help support our future.” ~ Angel

Thank you to Port of Seattle and HMS Host for their generous partnership, which makes this scholarship award possible.