13th Year Scholarship

The 13th Year Scholarship was established in 2017 by Brad and Danielle Tilden to support students who might otherwise be unable to continue their education beyond high school. Four scholarships will be awarded based on financial need, academic merit, and achievement. Four (4) $5,000 scholarships will be awarded. Scholarship to be awarded to the recipients during their first year of study at a four-year college or university, or a two-year community college, junior college or accredited trade school.

2018 Scholarship Recipients
13th Year Scholarship Recipients

Katalia Alexander

Katalia Alexander from Mount Rainier High School. Katalia will be attending Emory University where she will study Political Science with a possible minor in Business.

“I am considering pursuing a career as a lawyer, and studying sociology will provide me with a strong academic foundation for studying law. Laws are the foundation of American society and are meant to ensure equal rights for all, so a foundation in sociology will make me aware of areas where the law needs to be upheld and where societal inequalities might influence cases. As a lawyer, I will fight for people who do not have the opportunities or resources to fight for themselves.” ~ Katalia

Abel Berhan

Abel Berhan from Evergreen High School. Abel will be attending Harvard where he plans to major in Government with a minor in Economics.

“My end goal in life is to be a congressman and represent district nine in Washington because I feel that my perspective and experiences in life will shape me as a great representative. After going to Capitol Hill in D.C., I’ve been on a mission to become educated and work in the government system because with all respect, I don’t want a person who doesn’t relate in anyway to my identity or people, to speak on the behalf of my community. I desire to be that person, the voice for unheard.” ~ Abel

Khatami Chau

Khatami Chau from Evergreen High School. Khatami is headed to University of Washington where he will major in Public Policy and Public Health.

“Living through these experiences I understood how essential it was to be able to own the mind, body and spirit that we all possess within us.  In the face of disapproval or failure, our greatest mentor or ally alongside family and friends might also be ourselves. As I embark upon higher education and into my future career, I understand that struggle or mistakes will be inevitable. However, with self-reflection I can not only be able to evaluate my learning and goals at the present and future, but as well as keeping my emotional and mental health in check through my studies. Through grounded resilience I can remain dedicated and mindful as I work alongside individuals, communities, and organizations with different viewpoints.” ~ Khatami

Saul Romero

Saul Romero from Evergreen High School. Saul is going to the University of Washington where he has received direct admission to the College of Engineering. He plans to major in Computer Hardware/Computer Science Engineering

“I want to be part of the next group of bright Engineers that designs new, life changing ideas and inventions. I want to be part of the “glue” that connects our world. It’s very important for me to help minimize the technological gap between many impoverished communities like White Center, where I grew up, and larger cities like Seattle and Bellevue. However, the cost of trying to pursue a degree in the Engineering field is high and my family isn’t in the position to help much financially. Being honored with this scholarship will allow me to focus on school.” ~ Saul

Thank you to Brad and Danielle Tilden for their generous partnership, which makes this scholarship award possible!