Evelyne Rozner and Matt Griffin Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of property developer Matt Griffin and his wife, Evelyne Rozner—the Evelyne Rozner & Matt Griffin Scholarship was established in 2017 and is awarded to a graduating student from Highline Public Schools who plans to study engineering, math, or physics. Scholarship criteria includes financial need, academic performance, leadership and community service or extracurricular activities.

One (1) $20,000 scholarship will be awarded to one graduating student attending a 4-year institution. Scholarship to be awarded to the recipient in four (4) equal installments of $5,000 per year.

2018 Scholarship Recipient

ERMG Scholarship Recipient

Jasmine Fisher

Jasmine Fisher from Evergreen High School. Jasmine is headed to Gonzaga University this fall where she will major in Engineering.

“College has always been the one constant in my life. Between moving every year to different people and communities and schools, I never had the time to build solid roots. So the only foundation I had was the future. Pursuing higher education is not just about making more money, or getting a good job, it is about making a change. I’ve always known I was going to go to college. Not only because of the support and constant urging of my family, but because I want to better myself and every community I am a part of. Going to college is a major key to me being able to help people that are in similar situations to where I am now.” ~ Jasmine

Thank you to Evelyne Rozner and Matt Griffin for their generous partnership, which makes this scholarship award possible!